Precision metering rods – COAT-VIT-Rods

We are able to produce the most complete range of precision metering
rods worldwide, with the highest standard of quality, by employing our
specialized methods of manufacture. Our top priority is based on lifetime,
application quality of the fluid agent and the simplified handling
of the equipment. All metering rods could be provided with a diameter
between 5-50mm and a length until 12.800 mm.





Advantages at a glance

We process exclusively high-quality, nonmagnetic/magnetic stainless steel with
   correspondent surfaces, specified true running abilities and certified balancing.
• Reproducible precision in the μ-range.

• Exact application weights can be produced on demand.

• All metering rods are furnished with an engraving, to allow for identification as
  well as classification, even after customer demand.

• Each metering rod runs through a final inspection before packaging.

• Each product is packed diligently.

• On demand, we provide individual boxes for transport, issued with special retaining
elements, to ensure an absolutely safe transport of our products.