Sealing blades

Our Sealing-Blades are made of corrosion-free and wear-resistant materials
with an excellent surface quality and straightness. Compared to common,
sharp Sealing-Blades, the COAT-VIT-Sealing-Blades are specifically grinded
to reduce the risk of accidents. An even pre-dosage and levelling of the
return flow film is achieved, amplifying the efficiency of the filmpress. The
element supports the rod beam with an optimal cross direction to apply
various application media, e.g. low viscose starch and high viscose coating

Sealing-Blades in slot design

Sealing-Blades with special design

Standard Sealing-Blade made of stainless

Wear-resistant blade which features a changed
structural condition after a special tempering
process, leading to a longer service lifetime.

Premium Blade made of extremely wearresistant,
surface coated stainless steel.
We are the only producer worldwide to offer
a product resulting in optimum smoothness,
coat medium resistance and higher durability.

• SymSizer, OptiSizer, ValSizer, Metering Size
  Press, A-Sizer, J-Sizer

• Optimum results in smoothness, resistance
  to coating media and durability

• Higher stability
• Reduction of cutting injuries
• Design optimization to improve durability
  and quality

As complement to the conventional Sealing-
Blades with slot design, we have developed
a blade with circular perforation. The
flowzone, division geometry and diameter
are optimized fluidic ideally construed. The
circularly perforated blade allows a risk-free
usage without disturbance by contamination
to avoid surface defects on the paper web.
Clever alignment of the perforation rows
could influent the process profitable.