Spare and wearing parts

Naturally we offer high-strength spare- and wearing parts for the paper
industry, specifically aligned to your applications.

Drainage elements
Doctor blades
Crepping blades
Our dewatering elements are defined by a
high wear- and abrasion resistance, as well
as a very low frictional coefficient. A constant drainage characteristic is guaranteed over the whole width of the machine. We produce foaming boards, foils and suction box covers in DUROVIT-PE, DUROVIT-PE-SI, DUROVIT-PE-Ceram, culminating in AL203 fullceramic.
CLEAN-VIT-Doctor Blades are very well
suited for all applications in the wet and dry
ends of a paper machine. We provide blades in more than 20 different material
qualities, from conventional steel, bronze,
monell and stainless steel, to DUROVIT-PE,
fiberglass and carbon blades. All types and
qualities are fitted to the different position
and surface layers of each cylinder and roll.
All kinds of popular crepping blades,
specifically developed for tissue mills,
can be found in our range of products.
They are ready-to-be-installed in all
customary lengths and holder systems.


Circular knives
Sheeter knives-cross cutters


Our high performance CUT-VIT circular topand bottom knives are specially developed to cut all types of papergrades in modern reelslitters. An excellent quality of cut, improved lifetime, reduces dust formation and an increase in speed, has been registered. The reduced replacement interval affects the whole runnability of a plant.

Apart from circular, top and bottom knives in several qualities (ECO-CUT, HIGH-CUT,
SUPER-CUT-V and OPTI-CUT), we provide
highly wear proof cross cutters, as well as a
multitude of sheeters, trimmers and
guillotine knives for the subsequent paperconverting.