Spare and wear parts

For more than 10 years V.I.T. Papertec AG is a competent and reliable partner and supplier from OEM spare-parts to the paper-industry.

We deliver all spare-parts from the OEM-manufacturer.

Inside a paper-machine spare-part procurement is a basic for runability of the machine. The non-operation-time mainly is more expensive than the spare-parts itsself. Due to this imperative, beside more comprehensive prices than machine-builder, to get quality-spare-parts fast available with prompt service.

We deliever fast, reliable & competent:

Pumps, motors, valves, regulators, gears, shafts, hydraulic, pneumatics, electric- and electronic components, tubes, compressors, cranes, measuring- and testing instruments, bearin, a.s.o.

Spare-parts in papier-machines is a wide range of thousands of components where we could not supply lists for catalogues due to the big range and continous technical changes. Please inquire your spare-parts with best possible description, informing for which machine (VOITH, Beloit, Metso, Jagenberg, Bielomatic, a.s.o.) the curcuit and if possible with OEM-brand as mentiones on the part. We will source the best available and modern product which will fit without technical changes.

More than 1.000 frequent suppliers are listed in our database!